We’re lucky to have an amazing group of talented artists selling their work at Submarine. Find out more about them and discover their work below.

  • Ailsa Sutcliffe​

    Ailsa Sutcliffe​

    Ailsa is a Glasgow-based writer and illustrator. With a background in education, she is interested in creative literacies and the development of symbolism, narrative and storytelling as a way to make sense.

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  • Alan Campbell

    Alan is a visual artist, whose work focuses on literature, story telling and word play. His work is mostly self-directed but he welcomes offers for commissions, design, and illustration.

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  • Alistair Quietsch

    Alistair Quietsch

    Alistair is an artist/illustrator living and working in Glasgow with a background in Painting and Printmaking. His works are created through a ‘stream of consciousness’ style and his interests lie in exploring colour and line-work through screen printing, RISO printing and painting.

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  • Annie Hutchinson

    Annie Hutchinson

    Annie is an artist, born in London and currently living and working in Glasgow. Annie mainly works with acrylic paints onto canvas or paper and is interested in shapes and forms of the everyday.

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  • Big Suze

    Big Suze

    Big Suze is the creative alias of Suzie Cichy, an illustrator and designer based in Glasgow’s Southside. Her cross-disciplinary approach to making sees her work across print, ceramics, animation and embroidery, with a constant focus on drawing. When she’s not in her studio Suzie is teaching people how to screen print at Print Clan, an inclusive open-access textile printing workshop.

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  • Chrissie Jacquet

    Chrissie Jacquet

    I am a Franco-Scottish graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, with a background in Interior Design and an interest in decorative arts and surface design. 

    The development process of my prints is approached from the perspective of spatial planning and informed by my practice of analogue technical drawing. Inspired by the constructive nature of screen printing, my designs playfully explore the interaction between spatial composition and pattern design. 

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  • Concrete Nature

    Concrete Nature

    Launched in 2020 by French designer Clementine Carriere, Concrete Nature is an environmentally conscious creative studio based in Glasgow. Founded with the desire to positively impact human experiences and the environment, the studio’s output encompasses collaborative and creative projects, limited edition printed goods and unique experiences.

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  • Daniel DeWolfe

    Daniel DeWolfe

    Daniel is a German-American artist and illustrator based in Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2016. Daniel’s practice is dual – he uses photography to understand and interpret the spaces and objects around him, and drawing to process and distort fashion and pop imagery.

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  • David Hicks

    David Hicks

    David’s work explores the boundaries of painting, collage and sculpture often disrupting tradition approaches to making work. Bringing together materials and elements that on first glance look contradictory, his pieces communicate freedom of expression, the art of the possible and adventure. David has exhibited sculpture and painting internationally is featured in various art collector’s magazines and websites.

    Visit the gallery to see David’s work

  • Emer Tumilty

    Emer Tumilty

    Emer is an Irish designer based in Glasgow. With a background in architecture and visual communication, she has a diverse interdisciplinary practice, working internationally across mural design, set design, printmaking and illustration.

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  • Emily Brooks Millar

    Emily Brooks Millar​

    Emily is a Glasgow based artist, working predominantly in illustration. Her pieces are exclusively one of a kind and always have an underlying sense of humour. She has a background in History & Environmental Art and is currently part of the GoMA Youth programme. She has also completed internships with Netflix Marketing, Titan Publishing and worked with sculptor Andy Scott.

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  • Finni

    Finni Porter Chambers

    Finni Porter Chambers is an interdisciplinary artist and designer from Liverpool, living in Glasgow. After interning at Risotto Studio, she was hooked by the fluorescent colours of riso printing. Alongside her prints, Finni has designed wallpapers for classrooms in collaboration with primary school pupils. Her participatory methods and exploration with mark making, culminates in bright and expressive works.

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  • Jason Kerley

    Jason Kerley​

    Jason is a Glasgow based Illustrator with a short attention span. His unhealthy obsessions with paper, colour and coloured paper manifest in a variety of ways; mushrooms growing from eye sockets, cities built from chewing gum, a praying mantis on a keyboard.

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  • Jennie Bates

    Jennie Bates

    Jennie lives and works in Glasgow. She is an illustrator and mainly focuses on screen printing – she enjoys figuring out how to build up an image in layers and the technical challenges that the process brings. She also makes 3D illustrations in the form of diorama boxes, window installations, and stereoscopic imagery. All of her work has its roots in her love of collage, and she enjoys how the different parts of her practice inform each other.

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  • Jennifer Argo

    Jennifer Argo

    Jennifer Argo is a visual artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work explores an amalgamation of natural systems, using the patterns that exist in the physical universe as a metaphor for metaphysical relationships, and community as a connected whole.

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  • John Fitzpatrick

    John Fitzpatrick​

    Artist/Printmaking/Educator. Living and working in Glasgow between his home studio and Glasgow Print Studio. Graduated from Glasgow School of Art (BA/hons Fine Art Printmaking). The work explores the relationship between image and object. Recognising the print as a residue of process the work carries with it an implicate dialogue of individuality. An individuality reinforced by repetition. Each containing and recording the memory of its own making.

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  • Kate Mary

    Kate Mary

    Kate Mary is a visual artist and designer, living and working in Glasgow. She creates original works and prints on paper that explore the relationship between nature and architecture. Her works are joyous and vibrant versions of the world we live in.

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  • Lou Rowland

    Lou Rowland

    Lou Rowland is an Irish illustrator, printmaker, musician and writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. She joined the Risotto Studio team in January 2019 working as Studio Manager and Risograph Print Technician. Her work is often imbued with bright primary colours, patterns and playful compositions. She now works freelance through risograph & screen printmaking, illustration, textile design, & facilitating workshops. She recently founded Wild Press, a new risograph print studio with Wild and Kind, based in Glasgow’s East End.

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  • Lucy Grainge

    Lucy Grainge

    Lucy is a visual artist and designer, working across the mediums of print, illustration, graphic design and murals. Her work is often community based and research led, visually characterised by a strong use of colour, shape and pattern. She is co-founder of Psyche publication, a mental health and socio-politics risograph magazine.

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  • Lucy Watkins

    Lucy Watkins

    Lucy is a Glasgow-based Communication Designer specialising predominantly in print and digital design. She provides creative services to organisations doing good for people and planet, along with anyone looking for vibrant, energetic and highly considered outcomes. When she’s not designing she likely to be cooking, baking, illustrating or up-cycling; or working alongside A+E Collective and Slow Food Glasgow on environmental projects, collaborations and campaigns. 

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  • Mandy checking over fresh giclée prints

    Mandy Maria

    Mandy is a multi-disciplined visual artist and designer, and one half of Submarine. She creates colourful contemporary art prints and original works for the home.

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  • Max Machen

    Max Machen

    Max is from Yorkshire, studied illustration in Cambridge and can now be found scribbling and printing up in Edinburgh. His aim is to bring a smile to a wall / page / screen or face near you.

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  • Miles Benzies

    Mile Benzies

    Tends to make rhythmic or gestural marks on board and fabric. Enjoys repurposing materials. Takes photographs every day. Is drawn to anomalies in pattern and signs of time passing in surfaces. In an ongoing wrestling match with his design background. Doesn’t have wrestling background.
    Founder of pabyan which promotes holistic and constructive ways for adults to manage their mental health.

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  • Mobile Print Studio

    Mobile Print Studio

    Mobile Print Studio is a workshop based in Glasgow’s East End run by local artist David Farrar, teaching creative classes in a range of technical processes. This series of prints are in our fun and colourful ‘House Style’ and all proceeds go towards running the studio so that we can continue to promote printmaking within the community.

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  • Thandie

    Nothando Grace Mgodla a.k.a. Thandie

    I was born in Zimbabwe and currently call Scotland home. I discovered and fell in love with painting and the concept of abstraction during the design element of a silversmithing course. I primarily work with gouache and acrylic paint. My art is created via instinctual/automatic abstraction, expressing the subconscious and intangible part of the self. As a result my brushstrokes and colour palette is broad and varied.

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  • Ploterre


    Ploterre literally means ‘plotting the earth’ and is the moniker of Rebecca J Kaye. Based in Edinburgh, Rebecca has a background in both mathematics and design as well as a love for the outdoors. It’s the combination of these three elements that come together to enable her to create artwork from environmental data Sparked by curiousity, Rebecca researches and analyses information around the natural world with the aim of unearthing stories and insights that have been hidden amongst spreadsheets. These stories are brought to life by combining mathematics and design to visualise patterns in data through patterns in design.

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  • Printed Pressed


    Printed_pressed is a multidisciplinary studio based in Glasgow. Their own photographs or images from mass media are often collaged and recontextualised through the process of printmaking to create work that suggests a new visual narrative.

    Visit the gallery to see Selcuk’s work

  • Rachel Hendry

    Rachel Hendry

    Rachel is a visual artist based in Glasgow whose multi-disciplinary practice spans moving image, installation and printmaking. Her work plays with the boundaries between reality and illusion, exploring the intersection of physical and digital spaces. Often referencing architectural forms, her screenprints are snapshots of collages and projections that she uses to create animations.

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  • Risotto Studio

    RISOTTO Studio

    Set up in 2012 by designer Gabriella Marcella, RISOTTO’s vision is to produce vibrant and accessible design, building an environmentally conscious and community-focused business along the way. 

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  • RJS Studio

    RJS Print

    Roanna is a Printmaker based in her home studio in the North East of Scotland, drawing inspiration from the Scottish countryside and famous mountain views through her small printmaking business, RJS Print. Roanna’s carving style creates pattern in her work, simplifying the usual detail from a landscape. Focussing on traditional printmaking techniques, Roanna creates prints and printed goods with the help of a handmade wooden printing press.

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  • Rosalind Shrinivas

    Rosalind Shrinivas

    Roanna is a Printmaker based in her home studio in the North East of Scotland, drawing inspiration from the Scottish countryside and famous mountain views through her small printmaking business, RJS Print. Roanna’s carving style creates pattern in her work, simplifying the usual detail from a landscape. Focussing on traditional printmaking techniques, Roanna creates prints and printed goods with the help of a handmade wooden printing press.

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  • Saskia Pomeroy

    Saskia Pomeroy

    Saskia is a multidisciplinary artist working within print, drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles. Saskia’s work explores the relationships within compositions of colour, texture and shapes, sometimes abstract, sometimes observational. Her work is bright, colourful and joyous.

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  • Susan Castillo

    Susan Castillo

    Susan Castillo is a still life and product photographer. Susan’s bold and graphic imagery derives from her in-depth understanding of objects and the important relationship they share with light, texture, colour and environment. Her work is often described as painterly, due to her ability to delineate engaging narrative from her subject matter.

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  • Tom Pigeon

    Tom Pigeon

    Tom Pigeon is the pen name of designer Kirsty Thomas. The Tom Pigeon studio works with galleries and design stores around the world and their collection includes prints, homewares, jewellery, sculpture, paintings and stationery. We will be stocking a selection of Tom Pigeon’s foil & screen prints.

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  • Valtos Studio

    Valtos Studio

    Nigel Reid-Foster is a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and maker of curiosities, based on the West Coast of Scotland.

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