Painting The Historic Barras – Green is life

The Barras sheds are getting a makeover! Celebrating its centenary last year, the buildings were in need of a bit of TLC.

We’ve mixed feelings as all the old paint and signage are removed or covered up. The final result will look shiny and new, but will anything be lost, will our eyes adjust?

It’s been interesting watching out the window as different green paint swatches go up. Green is a notoriously tricky colour to get right as us humans have clever eyes and can perceive greens down to the finest nuance. Our eyes have evolved to be more sensitive to green frequencies than any other colour due to our evolution in luscious green forests when we were primates.

We’re looking forward to the end result though, and having some fresh new backdrops for our picture posing!

To be continued…

The Barras before
Painting The Historic Barras
Work in progress

Summer opening

Gallery open:
Sun 2nd July
Sat 19th August
Sat 2nd September

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