At Submarine we’re on a journey to transform our design business and shop for sustainability. As part of our action plan for the shop we’re applying circular economy principles to inform the way we operate. As a business that deals with paper, printing and postage, we create direct & indirect negative environmental and social impacts, in particular our packaging and postage supply chain. We’re working to mitigate these impacts through positive action.


What we’ve done so far:

  • Optimised our current online shop to reduce it’s power requirements and carbon footprint
  • Replaced in-store packaging with recycled and biodegradable materials
  • We reuse or recycle all packaging that we receive
  • Introduced biodegradable labelling and stickers
  • Designed a single multipurpose postage label for all packaging
  • We recycle our printer cartridges
  • Encouraged click and collect orders to reduce postage emissions

What we still need to do:

  • Use up our stock of plastic capped poster tubes and replace with 100% recyclable alternative
  • Further optimise our online shop to minimise its carbon footprint
  • Try and find a supplier of eco-friendly printer ink that works with our giclée printer. This one could take a while…

What can you do?

We encourage you to reuse or recycle any packaging materials that accompanies your order. If you’re ever passing our studio gallery you can drop off used poster tubes, we’ll alway reuse them!

Summer opening

Gallery open:
Sun 2nd July
Sat 19th August
Sat 2nd September

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